Terms & Conditions for Delegates

These Terms and Conditions ('Terms') apply to the provision of courses from Smile Concepts, Dominic Hassall Training Institute. Please read these Terms carefully before enrolling on a course. Payment of deposit and/or course fees constitutes you agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

1. Enrolment and Deposit

A deposit of £400 + VAT is required for you to enrol on any Smile Concepts, Dominic Hassall Training Institute course. This deposit is to secure your place.

If you enrol on one of Smile Concepts’, Dominic Hassall Training Institute courses and provide your deposit, but subsequently cannot take up your place on the course, your deposit is non-refundable. If however, your place on the course is subsequently filled we will refund the deposit in full.

2. Attendance of study days

If you cannot attend one of your course days for any reason you will still be invoiced for that day and will be sent any reading material or hand-outs that you have missed. We endeavour to place you on the days you have missed the following year provided there is room. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee there will be space and we cannot guarantee how soon before the day you will be informed – e.g. we may have a cancellation the day before which allows you to attend. We reserve the right to change the course dates and speakers from those provided to you. We will provide any updates to you by e-mail in the first case and then in person on course days or by post if you wish.

In the unusual event of having to cancel a day, an alternative date may be arranged later that year where possible. It will not be possible to refund for that day.

3. Online Course Payments

Online course - £3289 + VAT = £3947

Practical 5 days - £2495 + VAT = £2994

TOTAL - £5784 + VAT (£1157) = £6941

The first 50 applicants will receive 10% discount.

A £400 deposit is required to reserve your place.

The rest of the payments can be made in full giving you a further 5% discount, or over 4 monthly payments.

The first module will be available shortly after you register.

Module 2 will be released when all delegates have paid the first monthly payment.

Online Payment Methods

Credit or debit card

Direct debit

4. Your Right to Use the Course Materials and your Related Obligations

In consideration of receipt by us of the course fee, we grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license [i.e. not to be used by, or transferred to, another person] for you to use the Course Materials for the sole purpose of non-commercial home or work use. In the event we provide software for use on the course it is your responsibility to ensure you register any software in the appropriate manner.

5. Refunds

As stated in section 1 deposit payments will only be refunded if the course you originally enrolled on is filled. Refunds will not be given for any cancellation of course once you have enrolled and charges will apply to cover the remainder of the course if you have not paid up front. All other refunds are at the discretion of Smile Concepts, Dominic Hassall Training Institute.

6. Services to You and our Right to Stop Providing

If you are currently enrolled to a Smile Concepts, Dominic Hassall Training Institute course you are committed to the full course as stated in section 2.We may change lectures and may change topics. Should you wish to cancel once the course has commenced you must put it in writing to us. Fees will not be refunded for dates you subsequently do not attend as outlined in section 2 and you understand you will be liable for payment of the whole course.

Smile Concepts, Dominic Hassall Training Institute expects all delegates to behave in a manner which is appropriate for a learning environment when attending and discussing its courses. We reserve the right to stop providing the Services to you immediately in the event that:

•If you fail to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner when communicating with or receiving support from us. By this we mean that you act in such a way as to threaten, intimidate or otherwise harass our staff, or that your conduct is violent or threatens the physical safety of either our staff or any other person at a Smile Concepts, Dominic Hassall Training Institute.

•If you cause disruption to the learning experience of other delegates.Actions, not an exhaustive list, include exhibiting inappropriate behaviour during the sessions, making unauthorised postings on external web-sites about the courses or lectures, or entering into correspondence with other delegates on the course, in a way that causes disruption to the running of the course.

If we exercise this right we will notify you via email or your chosen route. We will then immediately suspend your access to the Course and Course Materials.

Any damage to equipment or property of either Smile Concepts, Dominic Hassall Training Institute or belonging to the venues which we use, other than that caused by fair wear and tear must be paid for. We reserve the right to charge for deliberate or malicious damage caused by any member of a delegate group across the whole group in the event that the perpetrator of the damage does not admit responsibility.

In the event that a person is removed from the course as a result of disruptive behaviour, howsoever caused, any remaining course fees will become payable immediately.Fees will not be refunded for dates you subsequently do not attend as outlined in section 2 and you understand you will be liable for payment of the whole course.

In the event that disruption leads to commercial loss or reputational damage to the company or its lecturers or employees, the Company may seek damages from the individual(s) concerned.

7. Copyright Agreement

Dominic Hassall holds the copyright for original materials used in all of the courses.

Copyright includes all lecture slides and clinical slides as well as any materials such as summaries.

These materials are made available only for personal use by students and may not be distributed as reproduced by students or used in lectures/seminars/tutorials by students without the express written consent by Dominic Hassall.

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